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  • Featuring: Alex Black (fisted), Andys (fister)
  • Released on: Oct 20, 2016
  • Duration: 28m 49s
  • Rating: 4.43/5


Cute brunette Andys takes her turn on Fister Twister where she gets to play with dark haired babe Alex Black. Alex looks divine in a red dress while Andys opts for something more casual in a black tank top and denim hotpants. When Andys is naked and Alex is down to her underbust lingerie, Andys starts by inserting a metal speculum into Alex's tight ass. Andys fingers her ass too and makes it nice and juicy, ready for what awaits this hole! Although Andys looks very innocent she puts on a big black strap on and fucks Alex Black's pussy hard then fists her with her whole hand! While Andys concentrates on Alex's ass, Alex masturbates her pussy to get off. One thing is for sure, Alex Black certainly loves it up the ass!