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  • Featuring: Jessica Bell (fisted), Nubie (fister)
  • Released on: Nov 12, 2020
  • Duration: 31m 47s
  • Rating: 3.94/5


Nubie and Jessica Bell feature in our latest bonus scene from Simply Anal. Jessica is masturbating on the leather sofa when Nubie walks down the stairs and catches her in the act. Both girls look delicious in lace topped stockings and Nubie decides to get in on the action. She helps Jessica masturbate with her fingers and then bends her over before rimming her tight ass. She laps up all of Jessica's ass juices and then fingers her before licking her fingers clean. Both girls get naked and Nubie lays back on the sofa masturbating while getting her ass fingered too. They switch places and Nubie fucks Jessica's ass with a black sex toy before getting her turn as she bends over and has the toy inflated while inserted into her ass. Jessica puts on a strap on and Nubie climbs onto it, getting her ass fucked hard while rubbing her pussy with her hand. There is nothing sexier than seeing two girls going at it with a strap on and Nubie goes from ass to mouth as she sucks the strap on! Finally both girls move onto an even bigger sex toy and get each other off for this seriously hot anal scene!

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