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  • Featuring: Antonia Sainz (fister), Oprah (fisted)
  • Released on: Oct 17, 2019
  • Duration: 20m 45s
  • Rating: 4.48/5


Today we've got two busty beauties for you, Antonia Sainz and Oprah who are eager to get going with the project at hand, fisting Oprah's tight pussy until she comes! To set the mood Antonia starts with pouring massage oil over her friends big boobs and playing with them, however the girls can't keep away for very long and Oprah assumes the position so that her girlfriend can start to gape her wet snatch with a speculum. This leads to the obvious conclusion, time for some hot fisting lesbian action! As Oprah is getting fisted you can see that she is just inches away from orgasming, thankfully Antonia is a master fister and knows how to keep her friend on the border. The girls wrap up their wild fist fuck with Oprah having a shuddering orgasm in doggy style.

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