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  • Featuring: Blanche (fister), Linda Sweet (fisted)
  • Released on: Dec 1, 2016
  • Duration: 29m 25s
  • Rating: 4.37/5


Today's scene on Fister Twister brings you the combination of a redhead and blonde in Linda Sweet and Blanche! These gorgeous girls start to kiss and undress each other and can't wait to get started as they lick each others nipples and caress their bodies. After getting naked, Linda bends over and Blanche starts to finger her ass. She uses four fingers to stretch Linda's ass apart while we zoom in close and Blanche then licks all around Linda's ass with her tongue. Afterwards, Linda lays back and gapes her ass wide apart again. Blanche starts to fist Linda's ass and gets her whole hand in easily! Blanche makes Linda lick her ass juices from her hand before continuing. Soon, Linda is bent upside down and is enjoying using a magic wand vibrator while Blanche continues to fist her. She cums very hard and afterwards this pair kiss before saying their goodbyes!

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