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Today on Fister Twister we have two popular European babes, Zena Little and Whitney Conroy and both are up for plenty of fun! The scene starts as they kiss each other while dressed in skintight minidresses and Whitney starts to undress her friend Zena. Soon both girls are completely naked and Whitney runs her hands all over Zena's body moving towards her pussy while kissing her. She gets a metal speculum and slides it into Zena's pussy before gaping it wide apart before using a pink zebra print sex toy and shoving it quickly in and out of Zena's pussy! Whitney starts to use her fingers to slide inside Zena, and works her way up to her whole fist as Zena relaxes and gets even more turned on. She gets treated to a magic wand vibrator which rubs up against her clit and with Whitney ribbing her nipples, enjoys a shuddering orgasm relieving all of her sexual tension!